how to download a pass

Morning guys .. today is quite beautiful to update the post ..
Actually I just want the info you have on how to download a pass buddies but may have to know all the how to download the file through the url but this post I addressed the buddies who do not know.

Because I think there must be some friends who do not know how to download files through the url ..
Because in my website url is mostly through ..
Ok no great length, directly refer to it ...

1. When you download a file and exit the picture as below, click Skip AD

2. Wait until the loading process is complete

3. after that click skip ad

4. Then you will be taken keLink download the actual file.

very easy ...
Please enjoy dishes symbiannya applications,,
N 'do not forget to leave your footprint in the form of comment or click one of the ads in this blog, so my enthusiasm for the update the next post ...

Thankx .. guys ..
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