Fontrouter Man v1.06 S60v3

Fontrouter Man v1.06 S60v3
Fontrouter Man v1.06 S60v3
I want to share the application to change the font on hp symbian s60v3 v1.06 is Fontrouter Man ..

1. Support fonts manually fill or manually select the
2. Supporting the overall font scaling, saturation adjustment, font
adjustment, height (Y axis), width (word spacing) setting high line
3. Supporting the overall font type (anti-aliasing, etc.), font characters as amended, font scaling limit, the lower limit of the scale
4. Supporting the original file backup. (Optimizationof premise)
5. Support for Symbian OS S60 3rd MR, FP1, FP2 *
6. Support for single-font mapping all of the features that can show the implementation of mixed fonts.
7. Support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan)
8. Support for single-font mapping table of the Import and Export

For font collection, I will share the next post, if my friend wanted to find yourself in google, search with the keyword "font ttf s60v3"

Free Download Fontrouter Man S60v3
click here or click here

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